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Al Baraka

Amla Hair Oil by RIGEL 200 ML 100% Pure & Natural Hair Growth Protects & Shines

Amla Hair Oil by RIGEL 200 ML 100% Pure & Natural Hair Growth Protects & Shines

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Amla Hair Oil by RIGEL 100% Pure & Natural Hair Growth 
Protects & Shines
200 ML 


It promotes hair growth. Use Pure Amla Oil for treatment of hair loss & dandruff. Rigel Herbal 100% Pure Online Amla Oil in UK. 
Amla Oil makes your hair grow faster.
Amla Hair Oil

In different researches conducted, it has been proven that Amla hair oil is used for keeping the parasites away from hair. Amla hair oil is most toxic to the parasites. Amla hair oil is beneficial for hair as it stops the hair from getting gray and keeps them shining for a long time. Amla hair oil also strengthens the hair. It also promotes hair growth and removes dandruff from the hair. Amla oil has been touted as an ayurvedic treatment to help increase hair health and boost hair growth.
 Amla for Hair
Amla hair oil is most commonly used for the treatment of scalp. It also is used for the treatment of hair loss and baldness in men. Amla hair oil contains antioxidants. These antioxidants are used for the treatment of damaged hair and protect the present cell from the damage.

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