About Us

Baraka London Limited TA (Al Baraka) is a worldwide online Islamic retailer/wholesaler & Manufacturer Established in 2007, offering you quality products at affordable prices, we want to satisfy our customers’ needs to the fullest. At Al Baraka we are unique, we strive to create phenomenal Islamic designs. Our committed team dedicate time and effort in understanding the needs of our customers, we take extra caution to provide the best quality product.

We stock Modest Islamic Clothing for women, men & children, Hijab & Jilbab, Sunnah Products, Health and Beauty Products, Toys, Islamic books, Ihram, Hajj and Umrah essentials, perfumes & Oil fragrances and much more.

Our aim for the future is to continue and grow as we establish the Muslim shopping experience with your support Al Baraka will continue to serve the community in Islamic shopping. In addition to selling halal products we also adhere to the principles of Islamic business practice.

DISCLAIMER: Al Baraka stocks a wide range of items/books. Please note that opinions expressed in these books are not necessarily representative of the opinions of the business.

Come and visit us at our store 77A Greenfield Road, London E1 1EJ, United Kingdom.